Local and Employee Owned

We’re a locally owned and operated computer company. Because we’re employee owned, everyone from designers and builders to delivery staff and service technicians have a personal stake in making sure you get a reliable quality product with great service.


We’re committed to sustainability. That’s why our systems are designed to have the lowest carbon footprint possible. We offer reliable computers with high quality repurposed parts that help reduce landfill waste and eliminate the energy, cost, and waste of new production. For those who need new components, we offer that too, but with the highest green ratings possible. Our employees provide delivery and service by bicycle.


Iowa City Artisan Computers was founded by Greg Johnson — a long-time Iowa City resident with over 40 years experience in computing support, training, and technical services.  This initiative is a partnership with local woodworkers and artists. So, you not only get a great computer, but you’re supporting our local artists and economy.


Because these are custom built computers, you get a wide range of choices including a variety of operating operating systems such as Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android.