Ye Olde Colonial 
Computer Shoppe is Now Iowa City Artisan Computers

Established in 1863, Ye Olde Colonial 
Computer Shoppe has been a purveyor of fine computers and technology crafted from the best materials with the highest quality craftsmanship.

According to shop proprietor Greg Johnson:

“After 154 years, we felt it was time for a change. Our original computers were hand forged from steel and powered by steam engines. Later we introduced the Kerosene powered portable computer. We still fashion them by hand, but today our computers are powered by electricity. So, we felt it was high time for a change of name. Iowa City Artisan Computers is a name that still conveys our commitment to build the finest hand crafted computers this side of the Mississippi River.”

In addition to selling computers, the shop also provides a variety of curiosities such as candleschocolates, licorice, and popular craft sodas such as birch beer, root beer, and sarsaparilla. However, the focus is primarily on the hand made computers. Because the shop is mobile, operating from a horse drawn covered wagon, most sales are offered online through their Amazon store.

The modernized shop (shown here) includes upgraded anvils and fashioning tools for precision work.



Editor’s Note: We hope you enjoyed this light hearted humorous announcement for the launch of Iowa City Artisan Computers. Thanks for your support!

Can Your Typewriter Run Microsoft Windows?

If you have an old mechanical typewriter laying around, chances are it’s not been upgraded to the latest operating system. It probably doesn’t have any operating system. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade!

With the USB Typewriter Conversion Kit, we can convert your old typewriter into a working computer running Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, or Chrome OS. [More…]


Seeking Woodworkers and Local Artisans

Iowa City Artisan Computers is currently seeking woodworkers and local artisans for computer enclosure designs out of wood, clay, glass, porcelain, and reclaimed materials.

Here are some general guidelines about the work:

  • Compensation. We’re an employee owned and governed business, so you will be free to decide what compensation you want for your work. However, if your product prices are too high, they may not be as likely to sell.
  • Work Rewarded. You’ll receive 100% of the income and profits for the work you do. In other words, this is not a situation where you’ll be paid pennies while someone else gets rich off of your designs and creations.
  • Retain Design Rights. You’ll keep the design rights, and your name will be credited on the product with the greatest prominence. In other words, this is not a situation where you’ll relinquish design rights or intellectual property rights for someone else to exploit and get rich off of your designs and creations.
  • No Contract. There are no contracts and no restrictions on you working in a way that competes with our business. In other words, if you want to startup your own custom computer enclosure business, and start selling directly, that’s fine. The more the merrier. We’ll even promote your business on our website with advertising at no cost to you.

Please contact us if you’re interested.



Benefits of Artisan Computers

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that most consumer computers are built with the bare minimum specifications to function, and they are generally built with a cookie cutter design — manufactured by the thousands.

Here are some benefits of custom built artisan computers:

  • Dust Free. Without proper air filtration, computers collect dust that harms cooling fans and other moving parts. Dust can also result in overheating of components due to layers of dust impeding airflow.
  • Reliable Power. Computers are susceptible to surges and power outages. Why isn’t sure protection and battery backup power built-in?
  • Low Noise. We offer noise reducing enclosures to make your workspace quieter and more conducive to focused work. Our oversized high volume fans spin at lower speeds with less noise.
  • Personalized Design. We understand that each person is unique in their budget and needs. That’s why we custom-build our computers to meet your own specific needs and specifications. If you want, we can create a computer that looks like a piece of furniture to match your existing decor.

We offer these and other options that can make your computer more reliable and more productive.