Because our computers are custom built, pricing varies for each project. However, below are some general preconfigured packages to use as a guideline. The higher price for the Windows computers ($140 more) reflects the additional cost of the operating system and extra processing power required for Windows. An option on our Windows computers is to have Office 365 and MalwareBytes antivirus for an additional $50 per year (a $100 value).

Cabbage Patch: $200 – $340

Available in Linux ($200) or Windows ($340), the Cabbage Patch is our entry level computer. The Cabbage Patch is our only computer that comes with a standard hard drive.

Pumpkin Patch: $400 – $540

Available in Linux ($400) or Windows ($540), the Pumpkin Patch is our mid-range computer. The Pumpkin Patch includes all the Cabbage Patch features, and includes more RAM, a faster processor, and a solid state hard drive.

Sweet Corn: $700 – $840

Representing the high-end of the consumer line, the Sweet Corn is a powerful system that bumps up RAM, processor, and solid state hard drive storage capacity.

The Bumper Crop: $1,000 to $50,000

Depending on the configuration, the Bumper Crop computer can be configured with dozens of processors, as much as 64 GB RAM, and multiple solid-state drives. Available in Apple and Windows configurations, the Bumper Crop is configured to be a powerful workstation for serious computing. For example, our Apple Pro version can be configured with 12-cores (24 virtual cores), 64 GB RAM, 1TB solid state drive, and 80TB of fast Thunderbolt storage for $13,000. Similarly configured Windows computers can be built to your specifications.